Air Purification

Eliminate VOCs and Odors!

  • When UV light illuminates our titanium di-oxide (Ti02) coated photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) panel, an activation process begins.
  • The activation generates highly reactive hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions resulting in a strong chemical “oxidizing” reaction between the supercharged ions and gaseous pollutants such as VOCs and odor molecules.
  • This breaks the pollutant down into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules, making the air more purified.

Benefits of Air Purification

  • Positive Impact on Occupant Health: Removes interior and exterior gaseous pollution sources such as tobacco smoke, cleaning solvents, off-gassing from building materials, human metabolic by-products, vehicle exhaust, paint fumes, jet fumes, manufacturing process emissions, and agriculture process emissions that cause illnesses.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Chemical-free and, unlike other air purification technologies, does not produce ozone.
  • Saves Energy: Reduces make-up air requirements for dilution and has low power consumption.

Air Purification Products

  • V-PAC™ System: Highly effective air contaminant removal combining UV-C and Ti02 creating powerful hydroxyl radicals.
  • BPS™ Lite: High Performance - Low Mass (HPLM) activated carbon filters Odors and VOCs. Ideally suited for Commercial HVAC applications.
  • BPS™ Bonded Activated Carbon Filters: Ideally suited for environments requiring high contaminant removal.

The V-Bank Modules — Multi Carbon Activated Filters

  • BPS™ V-Bank Filters: Multiple BPS panels in V-configuration for superior odor control and removal of VOCs.
  • BPS™ DM Single V-Module: Designed to efficiently remove a wide range of odors and common airborne pollutants.
  • High Efficiency Gas Adsorber V-Bank Filters: Ideally suited for manufacturing facilities.